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Hilton Head Team Building

Impress your group, build comradery and most of all…..HAVE FUN!! Join Coach Ken and crew for unforgettable beach team building experience for your small business, corporation, sports team, or family. The beautiful LowCountry and warm Carolina beaches are the perfect backdrop for this amazing program which includes engaging group beach games and coordinated activities!


business team building

“Being pushed outside our comfort zone and forced to rely on peers who we didn’t know well was so valuable. It forced us to break down interpersonal barriers because we needed each other to succeed.”

Our team-building programs consists of non-traditional games, warm-ups, trust activities and group problem-solving initiatives. We focus on creating an environment where individuals see directly that they can achieve quicker and better results by pooling skills, sharing information and working closely together.





  • CONFLICT Resolution

We use games and play to open minds, stimulate fresh thinking, encourage communication and HAVE FUN!

One of the potential out comes, is for real meaningful growth within the group that may translate into everyday life. Results can range from surprising to transformational.


A cohesive team is a productive team and ultimately, the knowledge they gain in our sessions will reflect positively in your customer relationships. Each program is designed to your group's particular goals, budget, location and time constraints.

“I can’t recommend Beach Play Company enough! Our leaders loved Ken’s team building games on the beach! If you’re coming to Hilton Head for leadership training, an incentive trip, team building, or even just for family fun, you would miss a huge opportunity if you didn’t bring Ken in to work with your group!”
— Karen Hicks Fettis Scentsy Leadership team
Best team building experience ever! The Wexford Team had an amazing day with Ken Weisner from Beach Play Company! Thank you for all of the fun activities and team challenges!
— Laura Von Minden HR Manager Wexford Plantation, Hilton Head

Organized Family Beach Play in Hilton Head

Welcome to the #1 Beach Vacation Playground in the continental United States! Now that you’re here on Hilton Head Island – or planning to be here soon – why not take a real vacation and let Beach Play Company and Chief Playmaker Ken Weisner customize a fabulous and playful beach party for your family and friends.

Our two hour Beach Play Company party packages are designed to fit every kind of beach family: from athletic competitions to nature explorations to laid back sandcastle building, bocce ball, and corn hole to personalized birthday beach bashes.

Whatever beach party package floats your family boat, if you’re looking for a fun new way to come out and play on Hilton Head Island, call Ken at Beach Play Company today … and let the games and memory making begin!

We had a BALL! And a PADDLE! And a HOOP! I was intrigued by Ken’s idea for family play and decided that my own family should give it a SWING.... Beach Play is a hit for sure. As great as it is to spend time on the beach, we sometimes find it challenging for all ages to have fun together—some want sun, some want shade, some want to ride waves, some want to read a book, the kids are running wild one minute and bored the next.... What to do?? Call Ken! He has loads of ideas, great equipment, and he makes fun FUN. So...go play on the beach!
— Beverly Serral, HHI, SC
My family and I had such an amazing time with Beach Play Company in Hilton Head! We surprised my cousin for her birthday with a bunch of games on the beach with Beach Play Company. My cousin was totally
surprised and my family and I had a blast! We want to do this every year now! Ken had so many great games set up for us and made all of them fun! I can’t wait until we can do this again!
— Caroline Ck, Mt. Holly, NJ

Beach Party Packages


All Beach Play Company beach party packages include guided and interactive activities personally directed by Beach Play Company Founder and Chief Playmaker Ken Weisner. A little local island education along the way makes each Beach Play Company party an enjoyable learning event, but the focus is always on safety, togetherness, and fun!

Photography and video services are available to document your family’s fun day, as are personal concierge and catering services. Just let Ken know what you need when you book your party.

All packages can be customized to your personal specifications in order to create your perfect beach party. If you don’t see what you’re looking for in the package descriptions below, let Ken know what you do want when you book your party.  

 Package #1: Active/Competitive

For those who like to play it like the Kennedy’s, our Active/Competitive Family Party Package is the perfect beach party choice. Activities include: Beach Olympics, beach volleyball, relay races, sand soccer, flag football, spike ball and more.

Package #2 Just Chillin’

For those who prefer a more laid back, traditional day at the beach. Activities include: corn hole, bocce ball, horseshoes, scavenger hunt, Italian golf, Noodle games, Scavenger hunts, sandcastle building and more.

Package #3: Island Explorer

Designed for those want to experience a little local adventure, our Island Explorer beach party is just the ticket. Activities include: surf fishing, crabbing, net casting, shell collecting, scavenger hunts and more.

 Package #4: Beach Birthday Bash

Make it an extra special day! Beach Play Company offers personalized beach birthday parties for all ages. Ken will work with you to customize the perfect beach birthday bash! 


Are you prepared for your best season ever? Is it time to try something that will take your team chemistry to the next level?


Create a sports experience where players can grow and develop both as athletes and as teammates. Ken’s unforgettable team building programs* offer fun exercises and activities specifically designed to give your team a competitive and mental edge.

Our programs subtly force interaction between players and even the coaches in order to break the surface-level relationships. As players and coaches connect on a level deeper than athletics, the team chemistry will strengthen as well.

Coaches agree that the likelihood of winning is enhanced when teamwork, perseverance and continuous improvement are the goals of a team. It is widely known that teams whose players respect one another and understand the true notion of teamwork will consistently beat more talented but individually oriented teams. This is our mission at Beach Play Company!

The personal relationships needed to create strong, positive team chemistry can’t be solely built during athletics. Athletes are usually too preoccupied with drills, remembering strategy, and pushing their performance to spend time fraternizing with one another. Coaches who schedule occasional activities outside of athletics are providing time for players to connect on personal levels other than their love for the sport. 

 Ken has taken his extensive training and coaching experience and has developed a winning program to help encourage and develop teamwork, communication and fun into any sports team.

*Each program is designed to your team's particular goals, budget, location and time constraints

Ken’s natural ability to connect, on an psychological level, with the athletes is amazing. The best athletes in the world are able to visualize themselves performing above their very best, thus achieving a higher level of focus. After a few sessions with Ken, my players were able to gain such focus before the game, but more importantly, keep their focus during the flow of the game, without distraction. That is truly powerful!
— Brian Jones - Head Coach Javanon F.C. 92 Girls Premier - Lexington, KY
What a great morning of team bonding with Ken Weisner from Beach Play Company. A lot of fun while connecting as a team.Ken brings out the best in us while making us think and figure out how to work and communicate better together. The May River HS Sharks Girls Soccer cannot wait for our session with Ken before playoffs.
— Coach Anthony Serpe May River HS Girls Soccer - Bluffton, SC

Meet Ken, our founder, and chief playmaker.

Ken Weisner was born in Atlantic City, New Jersey and has called Hilton Head Island home for over 35 years. Ken played college soccer at Francis Marion University in Florence, SC. and holds “D” license with the United Soccer Coaches Association. Coach Ken has worked as a personal trainer, a director of sales and business development, a motivational speaker, a corporate team building facilitator, a club soccer coach, a high school soccer coach and a youth leader for his church. A devoted father of two grown daughters, Ken knows the value of relationships and fun.

“Now that my two daughters are grown and starting their own families, I am enjoying a time in my life that I can direct and focus my love and energy for people, sports and the beach into a combination of services that will create an experience that you and your group will always remember.”



Ken is great to work with! He did a session with our Chamber’s Junior Leadership Class, helping them learn time management through games and unique activities. (Getting teenagers to learn and have fun is often tough!) The Chamber is lucky to have a great friend like Ken, as well as his enthusiasm and zest for building group dynamics and leadership skills.
— Hannah Horne, VP of Public Policy and Programs, Hilton Head /Bluffton Chamber of Commerce
We had an amazing day with Beach Play Company. I was celebrating my 32nd birthday and always wanted to do some sort of beach field day with my friends. This is the perfect solution to organizing a fun day at the beach with a large group. They bring everything you need and set everything up and take everything down so you can actually enjoy your time with your friends & family. We had a day full of laughs, memories, and competition. We can’t wait to plan our next beach play event!
— Jacquelyn Flynn Sankowski Hilton Head Island, SC
What a phenomenal team building experience for our cadets! A truly invaluable leadership development opportunity that every high school team/club must have. Thanks to @c0ach_ken for taking us to the next level!!
— Sergent Major Johnny Wyatt, Hilton Head High School NJROTC
Ken Weisner is a great respectful and innovative man. This company is spectacular. People who want to have a wonderful time on Hilton Head can always do alright by themselves. Honestly, however, in order to make it way more amazing than you could imagine, and to have guidance and just spectacular people, going through this company is the best approach you can take.

People, especially Ken, understand how to make it, for a lack of better words, breathtaking. The island is truly about the personality’s that you meet, and the subconscious want for personal connection. Which this man will give you, whether you ask for it or not.

This is what Hilton Head is. This is what he wants to give you. And that is why I really appreciate this company. I don’t push any companies, no matter how minimal my pushing means, but it’s because I believe in this and know that this man is great. And I don’t care how much this means much to people. But I want people to at least know what Hilton Head is. Because this is not is not a tour guide, but someone who wants people to just be happy. In its purest form. Experience it.
— Jacob Novitski Bluffton, South Carolina

Ken was wonderful! He’s passionate about team building and great at connecting.
— Amy Darrington Poulsbo, WA

We are a group of 10 that get together on Sunday afternoons once every two months play tennis and and have cocktails and dinner. That was 18 years ago.

Fast forward to 2019 we have several members that have had shoulder replacements, knee replacements etc. Sooooo we are not playing tennis for a while. It was our turn to entertain. The host plans the activity for the afternoon. I thought scavenger hunt... The Mr. said “one has to be very clever and creative to plan a good hunt.” Enter Kenny Weisner and Beach Play Company. Kenny went above and beyond the call of duty. He organized and orchestrated and outstanding scavenger hunt. Everyone had a great time. The Mr. had his shoulder replaced 6 months ago so he is in the DL. Kenny helped me do the small tasks; such as getting the cooler and snacks to and from the site.

Kenny was the key player in making the event a success not only did our guests rave about the event but the Mr. who is very difficult please was blown away. He even told Kenny he did and outstanding job. A fun time was had by all.

— Gloria M. Carmines Hilton Head Island, SC
Ken Weisner from Beach Play Company came to do team building with Mrs. May’s classes as well as some students from Mrs. Rowe and Ms. Grant’s classrooms. The students worked through different games and learned the value of working together to accomplish a common goal. Some of the games were harder than others so they experienced how important perseverance is while doing fun games, in school and in life.
— Oakridge Middle School Clover S,C
Such a fun thing to do! He was well prepared, had tons of different games (water games, strategic games, etc) good for the whole family. Would definitely recommend to anyone vacationing!
— JoAnna Popp Baltimore, MD
Had so much fun! Ken was set up on the beach and had all kinds of great competitive games for us to play as a family even joined in! Our family loved it. I highly recommend him!
— Lisa Soto O’Brien St. Louis, Mo
My grandson, Cody, was right when he told me to call you when I went to Hilton Head and get some good ideas for things to do and places to go.

We spent a week playing golf, going to the beaches (my favorite beach was the one up north you suggested that was very remote and beautiful), sightseeing, and enjoying the restaurants you recommended. We really enjoyed our time there.

I would tell anyone who is looking to really see Hilton Head to contact you and Beach Play Company

— Estelle Turney Port St. Lucie, FL
A large group of us from Ohio come every year to the most beautiful shores of Hilton Head, Lands End. Our favorite time is time spent with Ken and his awesome Beach Play games and fun. It is the perfect way to bond with our vacation friends and it’s a total blast. I highly recommend any groups or large families to call Ken and create memories. Ken is a land captain and can teach you to fish from the shore in one minute

— Melanie Leneghan Powell, Ohio

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