Getting the most out of your time at the beach.

And Taking home unforgettable memories from hilton head island.

Rain or Shine this is a great way to spend fun quality time with the entire family! We had ages ranging from 4-60 years old. Everyone felt included, enjoyed the time together, and had so much fun. We all felt like big kids out there playing! Ken was very efficient, fun, organized, and knows how to make sure everyone is included. We would highly recommend Beach Play Company for anyone looking for a fun time out on the beach!
— Kristyn Popp Fort Mill, SC



Ken Weisner - Head Coach

Ken Weisner- Head Coach


Plato said that play revealed the true nature of a person.
We've got a lot of games!

The beach has always been a calming and healing place. The natural 12 miles of Island beach provide an oceanfront playground framed by the blue-green Atlantic Ocean.

We have every base covered. We plan every detail, from having the right equipment, to bringing good healthy snacks. And we have years of coaching experience at many age levels.

Call Ken Weisner to create and customize your experience for one of the most fun and unforgettable things you do during your stay at the beach. Make time for playing together today!


Building connections and memories through team play at the beach.

Why Are You Here?

When you come to the island on vacation with friends and family, you want it to be an unforgettable experience. The beach and shoreline of our island are the perfect setting to enjoy each other and do something together that is stimulating and fun. Playing games and enjoying activities together for a few hours at the beach is a great way to build the harmony and balance in your family or group.

What I Can Do For You

As the founder and coach of Beach Play Company, I can simply add more fun and take the worry out of enjoying your group's time together at the beachFrom grilling gourmet food on your deck, to supervising your family's own beach Olympics, I can provide the active, hands-on concierge for your event, vacation or group meeting. Let me take care of the "dirty" work while you enjoy yourself.

Providing the equipment, guidance and coaching that your family or group needs to have maximum fun for a few hours on the beach is where I come in.

Why I Love Doing This 

Many people will say I am a people person, but to me, I am wired to connect with others through play. I find joy in seeing families and teams work together and have fun. I have always enjoyed the magical bliss of the beach. I have worked locally in the health and fitness, and in the hospitality industry for over 30 years. Most mornings you will find me walking on the beach at sunrise. Now that my two daughters are grown and starting their own families, I am enjoying a time in my life when I can direct and focus my love and energy for people, sports and the beach into a combination of services that can create an experience that you will always remember.

My Focus On Your Team

I strive to bring out the very best in every group and each team member, compensating carefully for personal preferences and strengths. Many of the activities involve team-building and cooperative play. Play can be a key to unlocking minds and stimulating fresh thinking and encouraging meaningful dialogue. A little local and social education along the way makes this an enjoyable learning event, but the focus is always on safety, togetherness and fun!


Activities Include:

Organized and Guided Active Outdoor FuN!

  • Beach Olympics

  • Family vs. family challenge

  • Family reunions

  • Beach volleyball

  • Badminton

  • Bocce ball

  • Wedding parties

  • Corn hole

  • Spike ball

  • Sand soccer

  • Surfing

  • Kite flying

  • Sandcastles

  • Tug-o-war

  • Treasure hunts

  • Noodle games

  • Horseshoes

  • Flying disc games

  • Water gun games

  • Group photos, and videos!

  • & more!

5 WAYS Ken Weisner Makes a Difference in Your Vacation


1. Experience

Originally from New Jersey, Ken has called Hilton Head home for over 30 years! As a former college soccer player, Ken has always loved team sports and games. He has served as a High School and club soccer coach and as a Youth Leader for his church. A devoted father of two grown daughters, Ken knows the value of family.

2. Flexibility

What Ken offers can be as diverse as your family or group. While groups of 10-30 are perfect, we can customize your vacation experience to suit your special needs and requests. If you want to do something that’s not on the list, chances are, we can hook you up.

3. Passion

Passion is clear when you see Ken’s magnetic ability to make everything fun and bring people out of their shell. He takes a special kind of holistic team approach to every game. Many of his group dynamic and team-building techniques are time-proven.

4. Choices

Want to rent our gear for the duration of your stay, or even purchase it? We can arrange that. A host of Island amenities stand ready to offer special services to ‘Friends of Ken.’ Not to say that you’ll get free stuff, but maybe some special treatment.

5. Memories

The point is maximizing the memories that you can help create for your family or group. Let’s talk about what you want to do during your visit and we can organize everything and make it easier to be active. Enjoy the beach even more! Start your very own customized Beach Play Plan today!


Team Building

The 2-hours we spent with Ken Weisner during our 2019 company planning retreat was the best part of the entire 3 days! The fun activities Ken lead us in made us work together as a team, listen to each other, and think creatively. I was disappointed when it was over because I didn’t want to stop I was having so much fun. My staff ranges in age from 20 to 72. Everyone of us were challenged, yet able to comfortably participate in each activity. And did I mention we had fun?!? I want to tell every business...Hey, you should do this, NOW! This is a program that lifted our energy as a team. I’ll book Ken’s company again and again and recommend him highly! Thank you Ken for reconnecting me with play time. 💗
— Elizabeth Skenes Millen Founder, Owner, Publisher Pink Magazine

What sets a company apart from its competitors?

Often it has less to do with product than the human elements that drive and support service: a company’s culture, character, customer practices, and capacity to be flexible, respond and change.

Our team-building programs consists of non-traditional games, warm-ups, trust activities and group problem-solving initiatives. We focus on creating an environment where individuals see directly that they can achieve quicker and better results by pooling skills, sharing information and working closely together. The team skills targeted and strengthened include communication, active listening, feedback, conflict management, risk-taking, effective support and decision-making, as well as identifying behaviors that can undermine effective team performance. You simply play, you interact, you share and you trust.

Games become key for unlocking closed minds, stimulating fresh thinking, encouraging meaningful dialogue, triggering learning that is transferable to the workplace. Participants are removed from familiar work surroundings and presented with challenges where participants know neither what to expect nor what to expect of them, they are free to simply participate. The experiences then hold up a mirror to reflect back information on personal styles, modes of interaction, options, choices and potential. The results are often jolting, usually surprising and sometimes transformational.


Your employees will develop well-being and confidence, while enhancing leadership skills. A cohesive team is a productive team and ultimately, the knowledge they gain in our sessions will reflect positively in your customer relationships.

Each program is designed to your group's particular goals, budget, location and time constraints.

Coach Ken took the troops out for a few hours for some team building at The Salty Dog. We decided we wanted folks from different departments to gain a better understanding of each other as well as what they do for the company. We often forget that work can be fun too and the idea of “play” was a perfect reminder of that. Ken’s various games brought a smile to everyone’s face and got everyone working together. We plan on implementing a quarterly program and broadening the scope of participants next time, so everyone can have a little fun and get to know each other a little bit better. There is no doubt that everyone working together certainly enhances our guest experience once everyone gets back to work. It can be said for team building, much like training, that you pay for it whether you do it or not.
— Tim Stearns COO- The Salty Dog

Wow! Thank you so much Diesel! Today you managed to unite our team using your well-honed team building skills. Thank you for all your time and effort, we look forward to our next event with you! From the Holiday Inn Express team!
— Anita Paas GM Holiday Inn Express Hilton Head Island, SC
Ken was super communicating with the group. Through the team bonding activities, Ken encouraged the staff to reflect on what they did, how they did that and how it went. I was looking for a meaningful team experience that not only delivered on fun but could help us improve in our communication, values of working together and to challenge the groups comfort zone. Ken delivered.

Thanks for an awesome team bonding experience on the beach!
— Pattie Landon Director of Service Spring Island
Best team building experience ever! The Wexford Team had an amazing day with Ken Weisner from Beach Play Company! Thank you for all of the fun activities and team challenges!
— Laura Von Minden HR Manager Wexford Plantation Hilton Head Island, SC
“This was so amazing! Thank you Ken for a fabulous team building time! We learned so much and it was awesome fun!”
— Suzanne Anderson Culp Pink Magazine Director of Sales Hilton Head Island, SC



Create a sports experience where players can grow and develop both as athletes and as teammates. Ken’s unforgettable beach team building programs* offer fun exercises and activities specifically designed to give your team a competitive and mental edge.

Coaches agree that the likelihood of winning is enhanced when teamwork, perseverance and continuous improvement are the goals of a team. It is widely known that teams whose players respect one another and understand the true notion of teamwork will consistently beat more talented but individually oriented teams. This is our mission at Beach Play Company!

Are you prepared for your best season ever? Is it time to try something that will take your team chemistry to the next level?

The personal relationships needed to create strong, positive team chemistry can’t be solely built during athletics. Athletes are usually too preoccupied with drills, remembering strategy, and pushing their performance to spend time fraternizing with one another. Coaches who schedule occasional activities outside of athletics are providing time for players to connect on personal levels other than their love for the sport. 

Our programs subtly force interaction between players and even the coaches in order to break the surface-level relationships. As players and coaches connect on a level deeper than athletics, the team chemistry will strengthen as well.

Ken has taken his extensive training and coaching experience and has developed a winning program to help encourage and develop teamwork, communication and fun into any sports team. *Each program is designed to your team's particular goals, budget, location and time constraints. 


What a great team building experience: fun, educational, and engaging. Thanks Ken! The Seahawk volleyball team was impressed with your activities and enthusiasm.
— Coach Garret Talarczyk Hilton Head High School Varsity Volleyball Coach
What a great morning of team bonding with Ken Weisner from Beach Play Company. A lot of fun while connecting as a team. Ken brings out the best in us while making us think and figure out how to work and communicate better together. The May River HS Sharks Girls Soccer cannot wait for our session with Ken before playoffs.
— Coach Anthony Serpe- May River HS Girls Soccer- Bluffton, SC
“Our second session w/Ken on the beach in Hilton Head was a more successful, perfect, piggy back to our mid season session. Ken built on the first session by having the team create more trust in each other. He impressed us by remembering the girls names & recalling what their stated goals were. We also had a ton of fun & laughs, just like the first session. He again made us figure out some problems as a team, always making us think while playing on the beach. We went out the next day & won our first playoff game 5-1 against a team that we had tied 1-1 during the season! We lost our second round game 0-2 but hit the crossbar four times in the first half. The girls have asked to participate w/BeachPlay next year already. I could not recommend Ken & his team building seasons any higher. I am afraid that he may not be able to fit us in next year.”

— Anthony Serpe May River HS Girls Soccer- Bluffton, SC
Ken’s natural ability to connect, on an psychological level, with the athletes is amazing. The best athletes in the world are able to visualize themselves performing above their very best, thus achieving a higher level of focus. After a few sessions with Ken, my players were able to gain such focus before the game, but more importantly, keep their focus during the flow of the game, without distraction. That is truly powerful!
— Brian Jones - Head Coach - Javanon F.C. 92 Girls Premier - Lexington, KY


I first contacted Ken a month prior to our visit to Hilton Head Island. His company was on the internet and what I was looking to find. I told him I was coming to vacation with my Grandsons 12 and 8 who it was their first time on the beach. Also coming were 22 and 20 years old I ask about assistance building sandcastles.
He phoned me the next day and we discussed his company. He told me he would find someone to help them.

He described equipment he would allow us to use. He inquired as to where we were staying and suggested a beach we would enjoy. He was interested in helping us have a fabulous vacation. He was very business-like in giving me all the information I needed.

The day we arrived I received a call and told me we could use the equipment he would bring to us. The next day as promised he delivered a big bag of sand toys for the beach. He was very friendly and wanted us to have a great vacation on the island. That evening he called to check on us and ask if we wanted to use it the next day.

He was very interested in our activities and helpful with information. Ken is an interesting and thoughtful individual who is a delight to work with.

He again drove to our hotel to pick up his equipment. He was warm and friendly when we met. I would strongly advise you to contact Ken and use his company when visiting the island. He aided us in a fun time at HiltonHead.
— Margaret Miller Richardson, TX
We had a BALL! And a PADDLE! And a HOOP! I was intrigued by Ken’s idea for family play and decided that my own family should give it a SWING.... Beach Play is a hit for sure. As great as it is to spend time on the beach, we sometimes find it challenging for all ages to have fun together—some want sun, some want shade, some want to ride waves, some want to read a book, the kids are running wild one minute and bored the next.... What to do?? Call Ken! He has loads of ideas, great equipment, and he makes fun FUN. So...go play on the beach!
— Beverly Serral Properties HHI, SC

Such a fun thing to do! He was well prepared, had tons of different games (water games, strategic games, etc) good for the whole family. Would definitely recommend to anyone vacationing!
— JoAnna Popp Baltimore, MD

Had so much fun! Ken was set up on the beach and had all kinds of great competitive games for us to play as a family even joined in! Our family loved it. I highly recommend him!
— Lisa Soto O’Brien St. Louis, Mo
Ken has been a volunteer leader for our middle and high school youth ministry program at St Luke’s for the past three years. Every week he brings energy and genuine enthusiasm to our group and he has a natural way of making the youth we work with feel valued and special.
— Rev. Steve Chisholm - Assistant Pastor - St Luke's Church

My family loves Ken Weisner!!! We came down to HHI for our annual family reunion. I had the great fortune of a recommendation to have Ken host our Beach Day BBQ. He went above our expectations!! He was set up and prepared with all sorts of games and activities for our day of fun! We had an age range of toddlers to elders and he had something for everyone! This was our first experience with working with someone of his infectious enthusiasm!! I wish we could clone him and bring him back to NY! I highly recommend Beach Play Company for your next event! You will not be disappointed!! Ken rocks!!!!
— Nicole Dodson New York, NY

When I booked my trip Hilton Head to celebrate my birthday with my family, everyone looked to me to plan the itinerary.While I did not mind, I was also looking for someone else to take the lead for a little while so I could kick back and enjoy.The group ranged in age from 25-71 with varying physical abilities. A google search lead me to Beach Play and Ken. From our first conversation, I knew Ken would do a good job but in actuality, he exceeded my expectations. I had never been to Hilton Head, so he was an excellent resource about everything Hilton Head. The weather the week we were there was cold and rainy with only one day of sun in the forecast. He made it possible for us to spend a few hours at the beach with footballs, bocci, corn hole and frisbees. It certainly was a highlight of our trip. He also came to the house and took our family photo. If you are looking for someone with energy and a desire to make your trip memorable, do not hesitate to contact Ken.
— Joann Shanley Wilimington, NC
My family and I had such an amazing time with Beach Play Company in Hilton Head! We surprised my cousin for her birthday with a bunch of games on the beach with Beach Play Company. My cousin was totally surprised and my family and I had a blast! We want to do this every year now! Ken had so many great games set up for us and made all of them fun! I can’t wait until we can do this again!
— Caroline Ck Mt. Holly, NJ

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