sports TEAM Testimonials

“Our second session w/Ken on the beach in Hilton Head was a more successful, perfect, piggy back to our mid season session. Ken built on the first session by having the team create more trust in each other. He impressed us by remembering the girls names & recalling what their stated goals were. We also had a ton of fun & laughs, just like the first session. He again made us figure out some problems as a team, always making us think while playing on the beach. We went out the next day & won our first playoff game 5-1 against a team that we had tied 1-1 during the season! We lost our second round game 0-2 but hit the crossbar four times in the first half. The girls have asked to participate w/BeachPlay next year already. I could not recommend Ken & his team building seasons any higher. I am afraid that he may not be able to fit us in next year.”

— Anthony Serpe May River HS Girls Soccer- Bluffton, SC

Ken’s natural ability to connect, on an psychological level, with the athletes is amazing. The best athletes in the world are able to visualize themselves performing above their very best, thus achieving a higher level of focus. After a few sessions with Ken, my players were able to gain such focus before the game, but more importantly, keep their focus during the flow of the game, without distraction. That is truly powerful!
— Brian Jones - Head Coach - Javanon F.C. 92 Girls Premier - Lexington, KY

During the week, we had Ken work with 360 players doing team building exercises. During his sessions with team, Ken’s activities were able to bring laughter, excitement and praise. The campers were put through tests that challenged them both physically and mentally. The challenges not only instilled trust in each teammate but it made them cooperatively work together to solve certain tasks. Needless to say, the girls loved it!

— Jay Hoffman Head Woman’s Soccer Coach Centre College Danville, KY